Work life balance in the Netherlands

By David Lawrence |

The evolution of the digital age means that many employees are constantly finding themselves connected to their phones, digital devices and ultimately – work. Being constantly connected means that many people are struggling to find dedicated time to completely ‘switch off’ from work, meaning that work-life balances are slipping.

Despite the spread in digital advancements across the globe, there are various countries that still celebrate work-life balances, and a key region that celebrates balance is the Netherlands.

The recent OECD Better Life Index ( has shown that the Netherlands is the leading place to be for those that are seeking a fulfilling career, while still maintaining a social life. The survey ranked 35 countries out of ten on their thoughts towards their family commitments, personal life, how households work and various career factors to establish how they felt their satisfaction was. The latest survey results have shown that the Netherlands is the leading region for citizen satisfaction when it comes to balance.

Only 0.5% of employees in the Netherlands region work extremely long hours, and they are spending an average of 16 hours of their day on leisure activities and sleeping. Career prospects are also high across the region with a low unemployment rate and extremely high literacy levels.

The Dutch tend to share work responsibilities and the rate of employment for women sits at 69.9% - which is significantly higher than the global average of 57.5%

Famous for its strong community vibe, Dutch citizens take pride in their interest in social activities and their balanced careers. As an extremely politically conscious country, the Netherlands has a high voting rate, and many citizens take a vested interest in the running and operations of their country.

Recruitment in the Netherlands is strong and transparent, and career minded people are finding that they can find work in their dream job in the region.

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David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

David is the founder of Vine Resources.


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