Why the cryptocurrency boom is great for developers

By David Lawrence |

Cryptocurrency values continue to rise as Bitcoin becomes one of the most valuable economic assets on the market. Big banking institutions have taken notice and acknowledged the fact that in order to keep up with the changes in currency technology they must adapt their systems. This is great news for software developers with a background in blockchain technology or for those interested in working in this area of technology.

'Blockchain developer' is now one of the most sought out jobs by recruiters and companies. Those with a qualified background and skills in the area are practically guaranteed to be hired. This is because there is such a huge demand for these services. The demand is so great that it outstrips talent ten fold. Traditional software developers now even earn less than those who specialise in the blockchain. This is because demand is so high for blockchain developers that they can now charge premium rates to the highest bidder. Those in the general IT sector want in on the action.

Ideal candidates

So what does blockchain development entail and what qualifications and skills are needed for the job? First and foremost an ideal candidate must have at the very least a basic knowledge of programming and coding. Understanding data structures is also essential.

Blockchain technology is decentralised in nature and therefore much of the job involves writing efficient code into the crypto coin system. Coding for these systems is not overly complicated as a candidate will be writing in JavaScript most of the time. Therefore getting to know that particular program is a must. Those who want to learn how to use these systems can pick up on existing cryptocurrency such as Ethereum and use it as a building block for their learning.

Willingness to learn new skills

It is also useful to get to know program systems like MVC, MVVM and Pub-Sub which are frequently used by blockchain developers. You don't need a degree specialising in cryptocurrency to become a blockchain developer. All a prospective candidate needs is a basic knowledge of the fundamentals in programming and the willingness to put in the time to learn new skills.

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

David is the founder of Vine Resources.