Why health and nutrition can be key to success in tech

By David Lawrence |

There are a huge number of professions which now involve being desk-bound for most of the day. Take journalists, for instance. The scribes who were forever running around in search of the next scoop, are now often restricted to regurgitating news which they find online. Designers who once scribbled ideas and sketched plans are increasingly drawn to computer software, which allows them to do the job more accurately.

And then there are technology professionals, whom for a large share of turning on the computer to start the day is almost second nature. You might think that spending more time at the desk is where success begins, but in fact, having more of a commitment to health and nutrition can be the answer. In this blog we look at why:

Posture, posture, posture

If you are sitting all day, there are plenty of posture problems you could end up with, from the neck down. These aren't issues which are conducive to long careers, so if you are desk-based, ensure you get up and move around every few minutes. You could also incorporate a lunch time work out into your routine - you might find it breaks up the sitting more effectively than an evening gym slot.


Full of beans

Often, with inactivity comes a tendency to eat foods which are easier, such as takeaways. But turning your kitchen into a production hub for healthy meals which you can split into freezable portions is worth thinking about. Eating good carbs such as brown rice or pasta, instead of bread, can give you more energy at work and allow you to get more done.

Clear your mind

Staring at the same screen from the same desk can slow you down in the long run. While you might not think that leaving the office and exercising is going to help you do any more work, you could be wrong. A workout can give you the energy to work twice as fast, and you can cut out the silly errors which so often happen when you are feeling tired and lethargic.

So there is some 'food for thought' on health and nutrition for tech professionals - we hope it comes in handy.

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David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

David is the founder of Vine Resources.