Where should you live as an expat in Amsterdam?

By Charlie Knight |

Amsterdam is a city of culture and history, with a healthy appetite for a party! There are many reasons for expats to consider living in the city, with many coming to join a contingent workforce or fill a permanent role for a company based there. So if you are heading to Amsterdam, where should you live in the city? In this blog, we present you with some options:


The Old South


Known as one of the most desirable areas in the city, expats looking for a suburban feel which is still not far away from the trappings of the city centre, can be swayed by The Old South. Offering many high-end shops and restaurants in the Vondelpark, The Old South is a little more spacious than the more urban parts of Amsterdam, which is more conducive to relaxation, as well as being easier to park in!




Another area which isn't far from central Amsterdam is Westerpark, which has plenty of green space. In recent times the area has been regenerated, which means several areas of less expensive housing. You won't go short of transport links in Westerpark, which is home to two large breweries offering tours and bar areas.


Eastern Docklands


Like Westerpark, Eastern Docklands has been transformed from its industrial past to become an attractive accommodation option for expats in Amsterdam. As with the canal network which characterises the centre, you need to use bridges in order to get from A to B in the area, which is comprised of man-made islands. Eastern Docklands now has thousands of new homes which may be of interest to expat buyers.


The canal belt


If you can afford it, there is surely no more iconic neighbourhood in which to find a home. The canal network which makes up the city centre of Amsterdam is a postcard setting which features some amazing architecture, historical buildings, and streets lined with interesting shops. But cost isn't the only potential problem which prospective residents need to note. You might also have an issue with parking your car, as it can take years to acquire the permit for a space.


So there is some food for thought on expat accommodation choices in Amsterdam. Remember to shop around, and ask the opinion of fellow expats who have already been through the experience.

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Charlie Knight

Written by Charlie Knight

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