What is Amazon up to with sports broadcasting?

By David Lawrence |

"People love sports – it’s big, it’s engaging, it really motivates people, so I think that’s a good opportunity,” That's what Roy Price, the head of Amazon Studios said at the Edinburgh international television festival.  

Amazon in the US has already announced it will live-stream games for the NFL this year seeming to be free under their prime membership.

Back in November 2016 CNBC broke the bews that Amazon in the US was exploring possible premium sports package w/ prime membership; having held talks w/NBA, MLB, NFL, MLS for live game rights.

With the auction next year for the Premier league rights will they be bidding alongside Sky and BT?  Gaining more customer by offering them premium sports content shoud bring more people into the Amazon eco system thus meaning more spending on other amazon services.

Or perhaps Amazon could buy Sky? Anything could happen in this fast changing industry.  Let me know what you think.


David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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