What does the Tele2 & Com Hem merger mean for consumers?

By Aaron Heera |

In a move announced earlier this year in January 2018, Swedish telecoms operator Tele2 and the cable TV company Com Hem agreed to a corporate merger. This move was approved unconditionally by the European Commission in October 2018, and thus the merger of two highly successful and lucrative businesses looks set to create a leading integrated connectivity provider in the Baltic region. The question many are now asking is this – what effect will the merger have for consumers?


Effect for consumers


The merger is hoped to be very beneficial for consumers in the Swedish telecommunications market. It is hoped that the combination of the fastest national fixed network with one of the largest mobile providers in the area will help to improve the ability of the merged Enlarged Tele2 to provide high-quality connectivity and digital services.


As the modern economy moves towards a place of widespread digitalisation, the ability of companies to equip customers with the comprehensive service they require is becoming more important than ever. With that in mind, the merger is hoped to result in a much greater quality of digital capabilities for consumers within the Swedish telecommunications market, with Enlarged Tele2 prioritising a commitment to providing a full-range of start-of-the-art connectivity and digital services.


Market leader


Enlarged Tele2 will become the second largest mobile telephone and fixed broadband provider in the Swedish market, alongside also becoming the leading figure in digital TV provision. The combination of these two services is hoped to benefit consumers by being able to meet the increasing demand for fixed and mobile data with the capability to provide high-quality video services.


The newly-merged corporate telecommunications giant not only hopes to increase the quality and quantity of digital services already being offered, but also to expand operations to improve the range of digital services and high-quality connectivity provision being offered to those who are yet to enjoy the benefits. Thus, the newly merged company offers many exciting opportunities for consumers hoping to utilise a digital platform that prioritises the provision of state-of-the-art fixed and mobile data services that incorporates the increasing demand for high-quality video capabilities.


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