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By David Lawrence |

The reality of working remotely long term is now sinking in. It is not going to go away anytime soon and leaders are now planning for the long haul.

After the initial rush to get all the tools in place, most of us realise it is not about the tools, it is about the things we do on top that will make the difference.

Dr Penny Pullan, author of a book on Virtual Leadership joined us for our LinkedIn LIVE event to explore what you can do to get the best out of your workforce in a long-term virtual environment.

We are delighted to include a copy of the recording below:


Penny looked at many innovative techniques and we have time stamped the content for your convenience:

04:48 - The challenges of leading virtually

06:10 - What is asynchronous working and its benefits

10:00 - Managing sub teams

12:31 - Virtual team rooms, what works well

14:35 - Opening gifts, awards, and prizes remotely

19:33 - 'Visuals for virtual' demo

26:45 - Celebrating personal achievements

30:35 - Prompted random employee connections

34:36 - Advice for onboarding new people remotely

38:51 - How not to burn out during the pandemic

40:08 - Close

Special offer!

Penny is generously offering a discount to the Vine community on one of her books: Virtual Leadership - Practical strategies for getting the best out of virtual work and virtual teams.

The discount code is VLF20 and the book is available at:

She can also be contacted at:

We hope you enjoyed the session - for details of our next LinkedIn LIVE and our blogs and podcasts featuring business interviews, trends and topics - be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter! 

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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