Unconventional recruiting: new ways of finding new talent

By David Lawrence |

Traditional job recruitment techniques are good, but sometimes you need a little push outside of everyone's comfort zone to find talents that you would never have spotted otherwise.

Hackathons can be an interesting way to pick ideal candidates to work in technology, especially in programming jobs. Another good way is business to business drinks events, where pitching becomes more informal, and often more effective. And let's not forget social networks.

Googletest01 itself received some attention for its method of finding new candidates via secret procedures. It invites candidates to continuously strive to attain Google's attention. A good story to come out of this is Max Rossett's who started by Googling 'Python lambda function list comprehension.'

Rossett was carrying out some research for a computer project he was making for his second degree in computer science (his first one was in Maths, from Yale). Python is famously liked by Google, and after clicking one of the results, something unexpected happened. The web page was swallowed by a black background, from which this text emerged: "You are speaking our language. Are you ready for a challenge?" The three options were "no, thanks", "don't show this message again" and "I want to play." Rossett's uncertainty only lasted a second, then he accepted.

He was brought to a text page, similar to a Unix terminal, which suggested some programming challenges to be completed in 48 hours. Rossett succeeded in passing all the stages, and only then did he get a request for his personal information. Two days later, he was called to the central offices and asked to bring a CV. Finally, he got an interview. At Mountain View, he had to solve more problems on the board. In fifteen days, the selection process was complete. He had passed all the tests. Three months later, he was working for Google.


In 2013, Heineken launched its programme "The Candidate", an unconventional method to find the right person for its Event and Sponsorship Marketing team, which was to work on the Champions League Final. They decided to follow a selection policy based on the candidates' personalities and to follow an innovative strategy.

With STEM skills lacking and competition fierce, it's more important than ever to rethink the way you attract new talent. How do you think you can use creative and unconventional strategies in your own recruitment strategy?

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David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

David is the founder of Vine Resources.

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