Top 5 tech events in the Netherlands

By Mark Crorkin |

If you are a professional in the world of technology, telecommunications or broadcast media then keeping up with industry advances is key. One great way to do this is attending tech events or meet-ups that happen around Europe. When it comes to this kind of event, The Netherlands is a great country to look to for exciting and useful tech conferences.


If you need some guidance about the top 5 tech events coming up in Holland, the below should help.


1. World Blockchain Summit - Amsterdam, 9th November 2018



Anyone who works within a technology-based role professionally will no doubt be interested in Blockchain. From its roots as the basis of cryptocurrencies, it is now being looked at for a whole host of other uses. This summit aims to bring together interested parties and look at how the technology could be used but also regulated across Europe.

2. Global Digital Transformation & Innovation Summit - Amsterdam, 15th to 16th November 2018


The great thing about this event in Amsterdam's Novotel Hotel is that it offers superb networking opportunities with business leaders. It will be based on the importance of digital transformation for business and how new technology like AI can be effectively used. This makes it a great recruitment tool if you are looking for a new role or new contacts.

3. European Women in Technology - Amsterdam, 28th to 29th November 2018


If you are a female professional working in technology or a male who is committed to opening up more opportunities for them, this is a great conference to attend. Whether you work in telecommunications or broadcast media, this event will help to explore how more women can access the technology sector.

4. Breda Technical Seminar - Breda, 12th December 2018


Held in the beautiful Van Der Valk hotel, this event is mainly focused on electrical components and how the latest advances can be used within industries like telecommunications or IT. Not only will there be plenty of chance to network but a diverse array of presentations to take in.


5. 6th Global Meet on Wireless, Aerospace and Satellite Communications - Amsterdam, April 15th to 16th 2019


Looking further ahead into 2019, this huge global event taking place in Amsterdam is one for any telecommunications professionals out there. It meets to discuss and explore new advances in the telecoms sector and how high-end satellite technology can help to drive future innovations in the industry.

As you can see, there are some amazing tech events to get involved with in The Netherlands. Not only will they give you superb networking opportunities and new ideas, but will also allow you to see this fabulous European country. If you are a tech professional, you will not be disappointed.


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Mark Crorkin

Written by Mark Crorkin

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