Top 3 interview questions for managers and how to answer them

By David Lawrence |

When it comes to acing that interview it is useful to be aware of what a manager may ask you and then plan ahead on what your answer will be. There are some tried and tested questions that are common in most jobs interviews and have been for years. However, you may be asked something that you had not properly prepared for. This can lead to awkward pauses which can throw you off your game. With that in mind, here are the top questions that have been asked in interviews this year and how you can answer them well:

How do you delegate tasks effectively?

Explain that when in a leadership role you like to get to know each team member and recognise their strengths. You then base your delegation decisions on which worker is right for the job. State that when you are given a complex task you like to personally break it down into smaller tasks and use your own managerial skills to assign appropriate roles. It is always a good idea to give a specific example when faced with this type of question. It helps to back up your claims and shows you have expertise.

Can you motivate people?

Like the previous question you should let the interviewer know that you are able to recognise what makes a specific employee unique. You are then able to motivate them based on the individual's personality. When motivating an entire team cite an example of a time when you managed to hit your targets by offering an incentive in exchange for results.

Have you ever had to let someone go?

State that firing someone is never an enjoyable experience but it is sometimes what is required when it is best for the company. If you have never let an employee go do not lie and say you have. Simply say that you would do if it was what had to be done. If you have had to do this in the past, explain what the employee was doing wrong. Let them know it was not an easy task but there was no alternative.


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David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

David is the founder of Vine Resources.