To outsource or not to outsource: software testing

By David Lawrence |

When it comes to launching new technology or software, the testing process is key to making sure it works smoothly and has a successful day 1. But whether you want to use internal resources and recruitment or try out nearshore contractors can be a difficult choice. So, let's go through the pros and cons of outsourcing your software testing.

Pros - Independent and unbiased

Some internal employees may have a bias towards a certain aspect of software or concerns about the project which may affect their ability to test software. You can get full and comprehensive feedback from a nearshore team that may also spot problems and solutions you never thought of!

Pros - Efficiency

Outsourcing means you can have experts test your software for you, using less time and resources. Get test results back quickly so you can continue work on your project and launch. What's more, when you choose a company located in a cheaper neighbouring economy, such as Poland or Hungary, it can cost far less.

Pros - Free up resources

When you outsource you'll have more time to work on other projects and manage your current team. More time for creativity and development by keeping your team working on what they love.

Cons - Security concerns

An outsourced team will have access to sensitive information within the software as well as the code itself. This means a high-quality and professional testing team is required to ensure your peace of mind. A more secure option could be to hire someone into your internal team to test at your office.

Cons - Time and language barriers

Having contractors based in another country does give you more options, but it also creates restraints around language and time barriers. Although nearshore contractors may not be in a radically different time zone, they may observe slightly different working hours and patterns or public holidays. In addition, there could be communication barriers with some instructions being lost in translation or misunderstood if English isn't their first language.

Cons - Loss of control

When deadlines are looming you want to make sure you have an eye over every step. When you outsource, that's out of your hands and you'll need to wait on the testers to come back to you. Software testing in-house does allow for more control, but testers may feel the pressure to finish on time regardless of quality.

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

David is the founder of Vine Resources.


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