Three cyber security predictions for 2018

By David Lawrence |

We've been doing some research for our customers and we wanted to share that with you around cyber security, which looks set to see some significant changes come 2018. Because of this, we’ve been doing some reading of our own, and we’ve collated it here for your perusal – you never know, it might just come in handy for some after interview discussion when you most need some juicy material to talk about…

AI-powered password guessing

One thing that we know for certain going into 2018 is that there is a vast number of password data now available from prior breaches – data that could be utilised by AI-powered password guessing methods. Using technology, it will be eminently possible for would-be cybercriminals to calculate the most probable password by demographics, geography and the mass of publically available personal information, to significantly increase the efficacy of such attempts in the year ahead.

Increased compliance regulations

The changes we can expect to see in the year ahead will not only come from the criminal fraternity, but also from regulators, an understandable move considering the many high profile breaches that occurred in 2017. With GDRP coming into effect, we will also witness a whole host of further regulations being introduced, in an attempt to control how organisations ought to react during breaches and the minimum levels of prevention and detection control that will be required. This could make a real difference to the frequency of, and damage caused by, hacking.

Cybercurrency and blockchain system attacks

Something else to look out for will be an increase in attacks on bitcoin and blockchain technology, as these more fully enter the mainstream. This may take the form of everything from denial of service to zero days vulnerability exploitation, with smaller systems being the most frequently targeted. Lack of secure coding practices will likely also result in eventual remote code execution attacks.

If you’re a cyber security specialist, what else do you expect to see in the year ahead, and how likely do you think that the above predictions are to come true? Let us know in the comments – we always look forward to discoursing with those who know their stuff.


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