The value in having a multicultural team

By David Lawrence |

As a business owner, how much value do you place on having a well-rounded, diverse team? Employing both permanent staff and contractors with a wide range of countries of origin, ages, backgrounds, races and more can offer huge advantages to any workplace - here are just five.

Building respect

Establishing a multicultural workplace will expose your employees to people from all different walks of life, countries and backgrounds, giving them a window into different ideas and cultures. It can help staff to better understand people's differences - and with diversity training added into the mix, you'll find an increased level of appreciation for other employees.

Improving customer service

Whether or not you're a multinational company, or work with foreign clients, the individuals you deal with at client companies will undoubtedly come from all walks of life. A multicultural team not only increases the likelihood that your staff will respect those from a different background but means that you may be able to assign a particular staff member to a particular client should you feel that there is a synergy in their culture.

Encouraging creativity

Problem-solving can often be easier with multiple people - and easier still if they're a diverse bunch. You'll no doubt find that employees from different cultural backgrounds will approach problems in a range of ways, potentially leading to solutions you may never have considered before.

Benefitting from language differences

One huge benefit of a workforce of a range of nationalities is its linguistic talent. A broad array of languages in the workplace means not only that employees can learn from each other, but that documents and websites can be translated without needing to pay for third-party translation services, and language barriers are broken down when attending conferences and meetings overseas and that expanding to other countries can be made easier.

Enhancing the working environment

Finally, embracing diversity in the workplace and making good use of your employees' backgrounds can help individuals to feel more appreciated for who they are and what they can offer to your business. A happy workplace is a productive, loyal and motivated workplace: ensuring employees feel valued is critical for commercial success.


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David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

David is the founder of Vine Resources.

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