The Top 20 technology companies to work for in Belgium

By David Lawrence |

Belgium is seeing a rise in tech companies that are making their presence known across the world. If you are looking to forge a successful career working in technology, you might be considering relocating and Belgium has a plethora of promising prospects to kickstart your tech career. Here are the top 20 technology companies to work for in Belgium:

1. Restore: a leading energy technology company that specialises in Demand Side Management.

2. Collibra: a data governance platform that aims to deliver openness and freedom. It uses organisational data to enable users to find the data they need, collaborate, and interpret meaning easily.

3. Sync Solutions: a management company for telecommunications services, they manage fixed phone lines and exchanges, internet connections, and improving technologies and efficiency in these areas.

4. Showpad: a service aimed at helping enterprises apply best practices and drive adoption at the right speed. Providing analytics and customer retention tools to over 1,000 businesses worldwide.

5. Monizze: a company that develops and produces digital solutions to help improve employee wellbeing and company performance.

6. Comizzo: a technology provider for clients and partners, producing content and developing websites, apps and social media tools to boost companies' presence and get better results from projects, products and marketing.

7. Erowz: a classified ads provider that aims to make the process of buying and selling second-hand goods online more streamlined and simple for clients.

8. Eurofiber: a growing international provider of cutting edge digital infrastructure.

9. G-Tec: a contractor specialised in worldwide investigations of a geophysical, geotechnical and environmental nature.

10. Qualifio: a platform to make marketing and data collection easier and more interactive.

11. Icapps: a company that assists in the design and development of brand identity through web and mobile development.

12. Borit: a spin-off company of OCAS NV, providing market-oriented research in steel and metal-based solutions.

13. Prodigest: a company that develops and implements an in vitro technology platform designed to simulate the human gastrointestinal tract.

14. Artialis: a company offering biomarker-based solutions to help develop products for musculoskeletal disorders.

15. Universem: a digital marketing consultancy company to optimise a brand's digital presence.

16. Caeleste: a supplier of state-of-the-art custom designed complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors.

17. Lansweeper: a provider of network inventory and integrated asset management software for networks.

18. Shinka IT: an ICT integrator specialising in networks, IT security and flow analysis.

19. Infradata: an award-winning cyber security and cloud networking solutions provider.

20. Zeticon: a media asset management software developer creating advanced platforms.


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Written by David Lawrence

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