The most common mistakes made in an interview

By David Lawrence |

Having a stellar CV/resume can only get you so far in the job hunt. Once receiving an invite for an interview, the real challenge is to nail the process by making a great impression. It is critical that you be at the top of your game and showcase your abilities in the best light possible. So, here’s a list of the most common blunders you need to avoid when trying to build the career of your dreams.

Failing to prepare

Your interviewer is going to know if you come unprepared. Be ready for a few common interview questions regarding your future plans, your interest in the company and so on. More importantly, make sure to carefully study the job description and decide how you are capable of meeting each requirement. Make a few notes of your accomplishments that qualify you to apply for the job, so you can highlight these during the interview. Also think back to previous jobs and note down work experiences that match the requirements of the role.

Skipping basic research

Remember to research the company and gain a general idea of what they do and their competition. You can look at their social media to look for new information and industry news, and bring it up during the interview. Also, make the most of technology and look up your interviewers ahead of time via their LinkedIn profiles. Analyse their professional experiences and projects so you can bring up points they find interesting while you’re being interviewed.

Dressing inappropriately

Don’t walk in to your interview in an outfit that looks too informal unless that's what they have told you to dress like. It is generally a good idea to go with business-casual, so you can make a polished first impression. However, play it safe by looking through the company’s website to learn all you can about their workplace culture. Check their social media to find photos of their permanent employees so you know what is expected.

Having bad body language

Be careful of your body language during the interview. If you avoid eye contact, don’t smile and have bad posture, the interviewer may conclude that you are too weak or just not interested in the position. Make sure to have a firm handshake and smile when the moment calls for it.

Not asking questions

Make sure to throw in a few questions of your own while being interviewed. Don’t ask questions that are already answered on the company website or social media as this just proves that you came unprepared. Be ready with a few questions that display your aspirations and interest in the recruitment process. For example, you can ask about the previous person who held the job, or if the interview is for an entirely new position.

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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