The importance of keeping data safe

By Aaron Heera |

In a post-GDPR world, talking about “data” creates a bit of a buzz. In some ways, the new legislation was helpful, bringing an increased awareness of the extent to which data is processed within businesses (personal or otherwise). On the other hand, it can all feel a little intimidating. It’s important, though. Safeguarding your company’s data is one of the most vital steps you can take now, for a number of reasons.

Protecting your business

Data comes in all different shapes and sizes and is used for the day to day operation of businesses as well as for continued improvement and reflection. Chances are, whatever the nature of your business, you’re accumulating more data than you realise. Imagine your business running without customer and staff records, details of key contracts, analytics to show how your website operates (if you have one) or details of transactions that you need to fulfil orders or provide services in accordance with expectations. Avoid inevitable losses by implementing systems to protect your data.

Personal data - your legal responsibility

GDPR requires companies to monitor the ways they process their customers' data, to limit that processing, and to implement safeguards. Consequences for noncompliance are very high fines, and possible suspension of your business if the regulator wishes. The impact of that could be limitless.

Reputation and relationships

Whether personal data or not, a data breach can be extremely impactful for any business. The internet makes it difficult to hide mishaps, so it’s likely your customers and business contacts will soon know of your misfortune, and many will question your role in such an event. Keeping data safe not only protects the operation of your business, it also protects the important relationships that are so critical for your business in the long and short term.

Taking good care of data pays dividends - don’t be caught out. Technology can offer a multitude of solutions for businesses of all sizes, to help protect data. Achieving a recognised IT accreditation, for example, can give you and your customers and business partners some peace of mind.


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Aaron Heera

Written by Aaron Heera

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