The future of Ai and 5G

By David Lawrence |

I attended IBC in Amsterdam this weekend and it was great to see so much innovation in the Broadcast and Technology industry.  

The industry though is being disrupted at an incredible rate and this will present challenges to change for the large incumbent broadcasters and well as opportunities for those small new players although there was plenty of talk around industry consolidation.  I got to attend a panel of CTO's including Liberty Global CTO Balan Nair who talked about AI and 5G services.  On 5G, Balan mentioned that it holds a lot of promise but there are lots of costs involved and in today's economic environment, it doesn’t yet justify the business case as for example, there will be a need for hundreds and thousands of towers which will be very expensive.  Also, joining the panel was News Corp CTO Latha Maripuri, who when asked about AI that it was more than a buzzword and News Corporation would be looking to integrate more machine learning into their digital advertising strategy.  Finally, Balan mentioned that Liberty Global already has 15% of their operation utilising AI and within 5 years that will be increased to 50%.  


David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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