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Culture at Vine


The majority of our clients work in Broadcast Media, Telecommunication, Technology and Client Services. Companies within these industries are renowned for maintaining a strong work culture. This informs their identity as a company and attracts new talent. We’re no different! We work hard to create an easy-going, balanced working environment, as we know that if our staff are happy and relaxed, they’ll be motivated to come in every day and help us grow as a business.




First and foremost our culture is dictated by our people. Without our individual talent, Vine is nothing. Everyone in the company adds to the culture, and we listen to our people regarding new suggestions on the workplace environment.


We treat our staff as our key assets, and in turn, they treat our clients in the most professional, respectful manner. We believe that company away days and perks in the office will lead to a better environment for everyone. In fact, we developed our mantra when it comes to company culture when we were on a company trip away to Ibiza! We truly believe that in embodying the following statement:


Entrepreneurial environment encouraging personal success and growth whilst having fun!


How we’re different


In a competitive industry such as recruitment, here at Vine, we understand that the culture of our company is key to how we grow. We realise that culture is much more about what we do, over what we say. So that’s why we treat our staff to perks, such as working from home, and staff away days, even to places like Ibiza! We also take care of company initiatives such as podcasts, and Q&A videos that we post on our social channels on a weekly basis.


When it comes to dress code, we understand that working in a suit all day is not the most comfortable thing in the world! However we’re also mindful that some of our clients work in more formal environments than us, so we encourage our staff to wear clothes dependent on their diary requirements.


Why you should work here


If you’re looking to further your career in recruitment, come into Vine to have a chat! You’ll find us in our relaxed space in London Bridge. You too could be part of an exciting, growing team that puts its people before anything else. We look forward to meeting you!


You can find out more about us, check out our jobs and apply online at 

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

David is the founder of Vine Resources.

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