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By David Lawrence |

In recent years, workplace perks have become something of a trend, with companies in all sorts of industries – from trendy technology start-ups and broadcast media firms to stuffy law practices and everything else besides - clambering to offer the best in terms of employee benefits.

While certain Silicon Valley conglomerates may have made the headlines last year with stories of how employees receive everything from free yoga classes to complimentary breakfasts, the truth is that most tech employees simply want perks and benefits that are much more down to earth – less bread and circuses, more useful benefits that stand them in good stead, such as:

The opportunity for professional development

Nobody wants to be stuck in a permanent dead-end job. Most candidates will even raise the prospect of the possibility of working up the company ladder during an interview, which should give employers a clue as to what candidates really want. Put simply, the chance to learn new skills and to be given the opportunity to take on new challenges is a must for any tech candidate.

Salary raises and bonuses where they are due

Innovation is at the heart of all technology companies – but it’s hard to innovate when there’s no incentive to. Employees want to feel that the difference they make is appreciated, which means sharing the wealth when profits are up, clients are gained, and the company grows.

A reasonable pension

It’s more important than ever to start saving for retirement, and a good pension scheme is a sure-fire way to not just attract the right candidates but retain them too. It makes sense that employees are likely to have more loyalty to a company which pledges to stick by them in the future.

Greater flexibility

By allowing your employees to work from home, you’re sending a signal that you trust them implicitly. The beauty of the tech industry is that it allows workers to get the job done from pretty much anywhere in the world, a workforce with the freedom to work remotely is one that will want to work harder to ensure they can keep such a flexible position.

The long and short of it is that while fancy gimmicks and free dinners might attract employees, it can do so for the wrong reasons – and it certainly won’t retain the best ones. It seems that in a world of perks, most employees simply want real, tangible benefits instead.

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David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

David is the founder of Vine Resources.


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