The Biggest News in Broadcast Media Tech for 2018

By Nick Fraser |

Technology is always evolving at an unstoppable rate, with developments and innovations seemingly springing up every other week. If a Victorian was teleported to a television studio, you would be hard pressed to convince them that the equipment before them wasn’t some form of magical trickery. The realm of broadcast media is often where new tech is developed and honed before trickling down into consumer-grade equipment, and it is always deeply fascinating to see how the industry is breaking new ground.

Arguably the biggest news to come out of the sector in 2018 is the proliferation of 4K HDR resolution. Much like 1080i HD before it, this ultra-high quality picture resolution is fast becoming the norm for a few different reasons. For one, television sets and monitors that can deliver this new resolution are becoming more popular and less expensive. This is coupled with the ever-growing amount of high-end programming from streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and HBO which have been shot in 4K. Of course, in this sector, technology is often a way to further creativity: HDR is no different. It allows creators of high-end television to provide a far more cinematic experience for viewers, imbuing their programme with that extra level of polish and really hammering home the programme’s high production values.

Away from what viewers themselves can see, there is another significant technological shift happening behind the curtains in the world of broadcast media. That is the adoption of Cloud systems. Whilst it has already become fairly commonplace in most workplaces, broadcast media is one of the most digital storage-intensive industries. There are numerous issues with file size, encoding/decoding, and compatibility between programmes in different stages of production and post-production. But in 2018, more and more studios are moving towards Cloud storage systems for media management. The systems have become suitably more robust and reliable to deal with the large files that 4K HDR creates.

So the 2018 (and most likely 2019) forecast for the world of broadcast media tech is of Clouds absolutely filled to the brim with 4K HDR media.


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Written by Nick Fraser

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