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By David Lawrence |

Did you know that at any one time, over one-third of us suffer from sleepless nights? Turning up drunk for work is not acceptable but turning up sleepy can be seen as heroic - why is this? For business, poor sleep is thought to account for losing up to 2% of gross domestic product (GDP). 

We were joined by sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley in our LinkedIn LIVE event ‘Sleep, performance and stress - your guide to how to sleep well'. Where we looked at some misconceptions about sleep, the hard facts and some practical take-aways.

We are delighted to include a copy of the recording below:


Neil covered a range of topics, that have been time stamped for your convenience:

00:00 - About Neil

04:29 - Why sleep is so important

08:16 - What is the link between sleep and performance?

10:10 - How much sleep do you actually need?

12:28 - Sleep and how it has changed during covid

18:45 - What are the consequences of poor sleep?

28:20 - Tips for good sleep

42:29 - The importance of promoting good sleep to you teams

46:20 - Questions from the audience

52:40 - Close

We hope you agree, a great session - thanks so much to Neil!

Neil is happy to talk about all things sleep-related and can be contacted at:

He can also be emailed at ''.

His best selling book 'How to sleep well' can be found on Amazon at:

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Written by David Lawrence

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