How to jump-start your career through social media

By David Lawrence

Social media is still a new technology, but it’s growing fast every day. Primarily used as a social function, hence the ‘social’ in social media,...

01 July 2018

The Top 20 technology companies to work for in Belgium

By David Lawrence

Belgium is seeing a rise in tech companies that are making their presence known across the world. If you are looking to forge a successful career...

24 June 2018

The value in having a multicultural team

By David Lawrence

As a business owner, how much value do you place on having a well-rounded, diverse team? Employing both permanent staff and contractors with a...

17 June 2018

Working in Belgium with UK recruitment companies

By David Lawrence

If you are interested in making the career move you have been waiting for then why not consider working for a UK-based recruitment agency in...

10 June 2018

British pay TV can now be used abroad

By David Lawrence

Brexit may be looming on the horizon but until the UK actually leaves the European Union, new laws and directives will continue to apply. One of...

03 June 2018

Where to stay when starting a new job in a new city

By David Lawrence

You've been offered the job of a lifetime in the city you'd love to live in. Congratulations! But now the real hard work of relocating your life...

27 May 2018

What is change management?

By David Lawrence

Change is an unavoidable aspect of business and is even integral to business development. But when is change management necessary? And what...

20 May 2018

One-third of London jobs at risk of automation

By David Lawrence

A report from the Centre for London highlights that up to one-third of the capital's jobs could be automated within the next 20 years, but...

13 May 2018

AI and its role in supporting recruitment

By David Lawrence

By now, we’re all used to the idea that technology is going to be an ever more present part of our working lives.

06 May 2018

Why the cryptocurrency boom is great for developers

By David Lawrence

Cryptocurrency values continue to rise as Bitcoin becomes one of the most valuable economic assets on the market. Big banking institutions have...

29 April 2018