How data analytics has changed over the last 10 years

By Aaron Heera

We might not consider 10 years ago a huge amount of time. But in 2008, the world's biggest technologies were confined to the early rise of...

19 August 2018

Most in demand IT skills in the Netherlands

By Mark Crorkin

Many of the largest corporations in the Netherlands have undergone large-scale projects of digital transformation, or have at least set the ball...

12 August 2018

VOD/OTT - who’s doing what?

By Nick Fraser

The online video-streaming market has boomed in recent years. With the advent of exciting new ‘video-on-demand' platforms such as Netflix and...

05 August 2018

The Culture at Vine Resources

By David Lawrence

  Culture at Vine

01 August 2018

How recruitment agencies can improve candidate experience

By David Lawrence

29 July 2018

Amazon chief outlines 'reverse industrial revolution' enabled by digital transformation

By David Lawrence

Digital transformation is a sector which we work very closely with, so we were interested to here the views of Doug Gurr, Amazon's UK country...

22 July 2018

Top 3 interview questions for managers in of 2018 (and how to answer them)

By David Lawrence

When it comes to acing that interview it is useful to be aware of what a manager may ask you and then plan ahead on what your answer will be....

15 July 2018

Interview with UKTV CEO, Darren Childs

By David Lawrence

A few weeks back I got the chance to sit down with the CEO of UKTV, Darren Childs. Darren and his amazing staff have guided UKTV to become one of...

11 July 2018

Why did you leave your last position? How to answer this inevitable question

By David Lawrence

It is inevitable that this dreaded question will pop up during an interview, leaving many interviewees worrying about speaking negatively about a...

08 July 2018

A day in the life of a data scientist

By Aaron Heera

Did you look at a website today? Check Facebook? Text a friend? Many of the small things we do each day generate data – a staggering 2.5...

04 July 2018