10 of the best coffee shops for interviews in London

By David Lawrence

Are you in need of a good, quiet coffee shop in London for an informal first meeting with a candidate? Here's a list of 10 of the best London...

16 October 2018

The Biggest News in Broadcast Media Tech for 2018

By Nick Fraser

Technology is always evolving at an unstoppable rate, with developments and innovations seemingly springing up every other week. If a Victorian...

09 October 2018

There is no magic wand to find candidates

By David Lawrence


05 October 2018

R or Python? Which is the best programming language for data analysis.

By Aaron Heera

  More and more, professionals are finding that data analysis is a key feature of their job. From marketing, to broadcast media, to journalism, to...

02 October 2018

How we hire recruiters at Vine Resources

By David Lawrence

Hiring recruiters is never easy and of course finding the right company for you can be just as difficult. We spent a lot of time looking at our...

25 September 2018

10 secret hideaways for stressed out managers

By David Lawrence

It’s tough at the top. It is perfectly natural to want to escape, preferably to somewhere the world can’t find you! How realistic is it for...

18 September 2018

The IT Job market in the Netherlands

By Mark Crorkin

The job market in the Netherlands is becoming increasingly strong. The economy is consistently improving and growing, attracting an influx of...

11 September 2018

The 30% reimbursement ruling in the Netherlands

By Mark Crorkin

The Netherlands are an appealing place for skilled professionals looking to move to Europe, with great prospects in the sectors such as the...

04 September 2018

How to set up a company when working in Sweden

By David Lawrence

Setting up a company in Sweden requires you to determine what sort of legal entity your company will be and to have an understanding of the...

02 September 2018

Why Netflix and chose Amsterdam

By Mark Crorkin

Along with other tech giants, Netflix and have chosen to establish their European headquarters in Amsterdam, and as such the Dutch...

02 September 2018