Do you fake an accent?

By Charlie Knight

English footballer Joey Barton has been mocked for conducting a press conference in Marseille with a French accent. But why do some people put on...

11 December 2012

Are LinkedIn endorsements beneficial?

By Charlie Knight

LinkedIn has recently introduced a new ‘one click’ endorsement feature, the new feature that allows users to endorse their connections for a...

28 November 2012

How to get what you want

By Charlie Knight

  The secret to getting what you want lies in getting what you need. Shorter hours, a pay raise, a change of title, a promotion... these are all...

16 November 2012

Directors View - November 2012

By Charlie Knight

  On my visits to clients and candidates across the UK and Europe over the last month there’s been a common theme I’ve been hearing around austerity...

11 November 2012

Age discrimination in the work place

By Charlie Knight

  Does age matter? or does your experience outweigh whether or not your age would affect companies image? A candidate's relevant experience is all...

02 November 2012

How a Cover letter can help you stand out

By Charlie Knight

  The work hard play hard mentality is quite addictive but does that attitude extend into the way we present ourselves when job searching. Some CVs...

12 October 2012

Directors View - October 2012

By Charlie Knight

  There is still plenty of activity in the recruitment market in the last month and working with clients we have seen a stable number of requirements...

11 October 2012

How To Manage Your Email

By Charlie Knight

    Technology is a must in todays day and age. We have video meetings, use Skype to call across the world and use email as a primary means of...

03 October 2012

Directors View September 2012

By Charlie Knight

There has been a lot of activity in the recruitment market in September both here in the UK and in Europe with an increase in business demands from...

27 September 2012

How to engage on Facebook and Twitter- Paddy Power Study

By Charlie Knight

This month we turned our focus to Paddy Power's twitter and facebook engagement.

25 September 2012