Payments battlefield heats up but is it all too much for mobile operators?

By Charlie Knight

  Mobile payments is not a new concept to the telecoms community, however the entry of Apple into the arena with ‘Apple Pay’ earlier this year has...

05 November 2014

Apple and Facebook to offer egg freezing for female employees, but are they missing the point?

By Charlie Knight

  BT have recently announced that they have entered exclusive negotiations to acquire EE, the UK’s largest mobile network operator. Subject to...

15 October 2014

How 'inside out' recruiting can engage your workforce and save you money

By Charlie Knight

  Recruitment has changed. With the economy recovering there are a greater number of jobs available meaning that candidates can afford to be more...

08 October 2014

Why your internal process is costing you the best contractors

By Charlie Knight

The economic recovery has brought about an increase in demand for contractors as companies look to make the most of improving financials to...

06 October 2014

Be honest with recruiters and yourself

By Charlie Knight

  Working with a recruiter is like joining a dating site: Honesty really is the best policy. Lying on your dating website profile may get you a date...

16 September 2014

The first 10 seconds of the phone interview can make or break it for you

By Charlie Knight

  In our industry many first round interviews are conducted by telephone. Usually this might be a line manager wanting to ask some basic questions to...

16 June 2014

The importance of references

By Charlie Knight

  Now here’s a subject that I’m sure will provoke some responses in particular from candidates. You’ve had a recruiter call you up about a role and...

16 May 2014

How to organise the right interview environment for the candidate

By Charlie Knight

  Let me start with a story; a few weeks ago I was sitting in the office of a major Telecoms company and there were various people coming and going...

16 April 2014

Meet the Team: Suzanne Brannan

By Charlie Knight

  Suzanne Brannan: Client Account Director EMEA

31 March 2014

Don't be surprised if your contractor is gone

By Charlie Knight

  I heard from a contractor (Solution Architect) last week that after 12 months with a large Telecoms operator he was leaving as he could not get his...

03 February 2014