Are desk phones heading for the bin?

By David Lawrence

The humble desk phone has been an iconic fixture on workplace desktops all over the world, just like the public phone box. Even as newer...

31 January 2019

What makes for a good project manager in the broadcast media industry?

By Nick Fraser

Broadcast media, like many other parts of the media as a whole, is a vast machine with many different components all working together. Across the...

24 January 2019

10 in demand programming languages for tech companies

By David Lawrence

If you want to work in the technology sector, you’re probably going to need to know at least the basics of computer coding. So which are the...

23 January 2019

Why companies should be employing CDOs

By David Lawrence

A Chief Data Office (CDO) is typically a C-level board member that reports to the CEO, CTO and COO of an organisation, specialising in how the...

22 January 2019

Programme managers and programme directors: what's the difference?

By Mark Crorkin

The technology world is an exciting and fascinating one, but it's important to understand the language that goes along with it - from being clear...

17 January 2019

Is DAZN shaking up the Broadcast sports market?

By Nick Fraser

DAZN has been making a lot of headlines lately. If you are a fan of boxing, you will know exactly what we are talking about. But before we delve...

14 January 2019

What does the toilet/bathroom tell you about your company?

By David Lawrence

It's time to talk about toilets or bathroom for our North American readers. No, I haven't gone round the u-bend, this is a serious article (well,...

10 January 2019

Will we see a Netflix rival in the UK this year?

By Nick Fraser

The technology sector seems hotter than ever right now, especially in broadcasting, with massive upheavals in the world of traditional media....

08 January 2019

King's Day in the Netherlands: don't miss these five things!

By David Lawrence

King’s Day, the Netherlands' biggest- and most orange- holiday. Whether you’re just visiting or one of many permanent contractors in the Low...

06 January 2019

Why has Amsterdam become Europe's Silicon Valley

By Mark Crorkin

It’s been named 'The Best European Tech City To Work In’ and dubbed as the Silicon Valley of Europe. With a bustling tech scene, start-up hubs,...

02 January 2019