3 reasons Alan Sugar is a terrible employer

By Charlie Knight

“You’re Fired” No real boss would actually use this expression, unless they were a sociopath. The process of letting an employee go generally...

01 December 2016

Should you hire for a cultural fit?

By David Lawrence

Employees are a crucial part of every business. It’s hard to run a productive business if you don’t have the right team around you. Employees...

28 November 2016

How much is the car park really costing you?

By David Lawrence

“The package isn’t good enough” “It’s too far away” “I don’t feel I would fit the company culture” These are all common reasons for candidates...

24 November 2016

10 Questions to ask every business analyst before you hire them

By Charlie Knight

Finding the right business analyst for your company can be a tiresome task. This is down to the fact that the role can be very complex. A business...

21 November 2016

How to use video interviews to minimise the risk of a bad hire

By Charlie Knight

No one wants to make a bad hire for their business. If you do, it can cause all sorts of problems to the dynamic of your company. It’s often said...

18 November 2016

How to assess and hire strong developers

By Charlie Knight

Hiring new developers can be a real challenge. There are many mistakes that can be made during the hiring process. And these have to be avoided if...

07 November 2016

How has Brexit impacted recruitment in the UK?

By Charlie Knight

Unless you’ve been living in a hole for the past five months you couldn’t fail to have been affected by the most shocking, polarising,...

01 November 2016

How to spot signs of employees with stress

By Charlie Knight

There are numerous causes of stress in the workplace. It can be incredibly detrimental. If your employees are stressed, they will not be able to...

31 October 2016

How to follow up with a candidate you really want to hire

By Charlie Knight

If you find a candidate who you want to hire, the recruitment process can turn on its head. Rather than you waiting to be impressed by a potential...

24 October 2016

10 ways to ensure you're next in line for a promotion

By Charlie Knight

If you are still waiting for the promotion that improves your lifestyle and your income, there may be more that you can do. Getting a promotion...

17 October 2016