The pros and cons of remote working

By David Lawrence

Thanks to cloud and smartphone technologies, the workplace is now shifting from the traditional brick and motor setup to remote working. The UK,...

19 March 2019

Round up of some of the hottest Fintechs in the UK

By David Lawrence

12 March 2019

5 weekend escapes in the UK that are perfect for parents and kids

By David Lawrence

Your career is important to you. However, so is your family, and after working hard, you deserve to spend some quality time with your children....

05 March 2019

6 traits of a good PMO Manager

By David Lawrence

For any tech or IT based organisation, the PMO is a core department within it that plays a key role. From ones that ensure excellent standards are...

26 February 2019

Why assessing for cultural fit can reduce employee turnover

By David Lawrence

Recruitment can be time-consuming and very expensive, which makes it vitally important to get it right. One thing that’s not perhaps talked about...

21 February 2019

Where should you live as an expat in Amsterdam?

By Mark Crorkin

Amsterdam is a city of culture and history, with a healthy appetite for a party! There are many reasons for expats to consider living in the city,...

19 February 2019

How to be more vocal and convincing at workshop meetings

By David Lawrence

Have you ever left a meeting kicking yourself for not getting your views, questions or information across?

14 February 2019

What makes for a good project manager in the broadcast media industry

By Nick Fraser

Broadcast media, like many other parts of the media as a whole, is a vast machine with many different components all working together. Across the...

12 February 2019

Belgium; is it the next up and coming tech hub?

By Aaron Heera

For many, there may be little to talk about Belgium. Overall, this country is regarded as a centre of political muscle and great waffles. Well,...

07 February 2019

How to work with friends without damaging your relationship

By David Lawrence

Friendships in the workplace can be an incredibly helpful thing that boosts both your day and your career, but they can need careful managing in...

05 February 2019