Migrating to the cloud - is it always the right business decision?

By David Lawrence |

Many businesses have chosen to manage their workloads on the cloud. This doesn’t always mean migration is the right option for everyone. Whilst the cloud is accessible, reliable and scalable, those shouldn’t be the only decision-making considerations.

Organisations contemplating a cloud migration should be aware that there are many factors to take into account - from the risks and the benefits of choosing the correct service provider.



There are many issues that moving to the cloud can solve. Cloud migration is an ideal option for reducing operational costs while also improving the effectiveness of your business processes. For example, if you’re experiencing an increase in traffic, cloud migration provides a scalable resource that meets increasing business demand.

Managing and upgrading server software can be time-consuming, but it’s an essential process that requires regular and often immediate upgrades. In many cases, cloud providers manage this service automatically. Similarly, some cloud services take care of maintenance and database backup, meaning less time is spent on administrative tasks.

Using the cloud enables businesses to access work remotely. Databases and documents can be accessed in any location and are compatible with communication and collaboration tools.


Your business’ architecture and applications may misalign with cloud architectures, so there may be some modification required before transferring across. Similarly, if your applications handle very sensitive data, it may not be possible to manage and maintain it in the cloud. Also, cloud technology may have compliance requirements that restrict your choices.

There's also the drawback of having your workload controlled by an external party. You may lose some control and transparency when performance issues are debugged. Although this is a regular practice, you may simply prefer to have your workload managed internally.

Migrating to the cloud is not a decision that should be taken lightly, but there are many benefits for your business and customers. Cloud migration can create a stable foundation, reduce costs and improve scalability. However, if your current setup is meeting your requirements, doesn’t need much maintenance and your clients are happy, do you need to make the move?

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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