Machine learning and AI in data analysis

By Charlie Knight |

What impact do machine learning and artificial intelligence have on data analysis?

Both machine learning and artificial intelligence are ‘buzzwords’ that are passed around frequently in the industry and can be used to dramatically improve data analysis within businesses and organisations. But how?

AI and machine learning defined

The two terms are interchanged frequently but there is a slight difference between them. Artificial intelligence is the broad concept of machines being able to carry out tasks in a way that is considered ‘smart’, while machine learning is a current version of AI that centres around the concept of machines being able to access the data in order to let them learn from it themselves independently.

How machine learning and artificial intelligence link with data analysis

Analysing data to understand patterns and trends has always been established as useful, but, until recent developments in technology, it has been almost impossible to do this on a mass scale. By introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence into data analysis, companies can learn from every failure and every success in a way unparalleled by the work of people. Using this technology to surpass human limits and avoid burnout of employees within the company is incredibly beneficial to any organisations requiring mass analysation of their data.

AI plays an instrumental role in streamlining the data analysis process due to the ability to learn like humans do. It can consistently draw out conclusions from varying data without human drawbacks such as fatigue and lack of motivation caused by repetitive tasks. AI also cannot be intimidated by large amounts of data, again indicating its potential level of success in analysing data.

The future

Recent trends show that recruitment relating to artificial intelligence will flourish and grow due to the demand. A human touch within data analysis is still required as decisions have to be made, often relying on emotion and sentiment, after the data has been gathered. As well as data analysis within large corporations, an increase in AI-related jobs is also expected in the industries of technology, broadcasting, media and telecommunications.


Charlie Knight

Written by Charlie Knight

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