LinkedIn LIVE - 5 ways to re-ignite your Agile journey for 2021

By David Lawrence |

2020 was a momentous year for change, but much of it reactive and unplanned, which means your company's Agile journey may have taken a slight detour!

Please find a recording of our LinkedIn LIVE Agile event where we talked with renowned industry expert in Agile Melanie Franklin about lessons learned and where she provided 5 areas to get you back on track and super-charge your transformation in 2021.


The topics covered included:

  • The importance of explaining what Agile is and the terminology around it

  • How to overcome habits and promote a 'change' mindset

  • Where internal marketing fits in

  • Tips for managing Agile in the virtual environment

  • How to maintain focus and pace throughout 2021

We hope you enjoy the session -  you can connect with Melanie on LinkedIn at:

Or visit to see the range of services she offers.

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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