Integrating new employees into your business

By David Lawrence |

If you've recently hired new employees for your business, it's so important to get them on board and integrated into the team as soon as possible. The quicker they feel at home the sooner they'll feel confident in their role and in the business. Every employee should be an advocate for your company, and in the competitive tech world, staff loyalty is hugely important. Here are tips on getting your new employees on board.

Share your vision

From the smallest start up to multinational companies, vision is the thing that keeps pushing you forward. Make sure you set aside time to share your vision and goals for the business with new employees so they can help create it with you. By showing them the big picture, they can make sure everything they do is tailored towards realising the company's vision.


Getting new employees with experience in other firms can be a great resource for your business. Instead of forcing the way you do things onto them, let them know that their feedback and insight is important. If they have ideas and strategies that they have used in previous jobs that could benefit your business, tap into their experience and use it to improve your practices.

Give them access to information

You won't be available all the time, and if they are working remotely or are part time, it's important that your new employees know where to go to get the information they need to do their job. It could be a straightforward new employee guide, a list of resources or contact information for others in the company. Tech professionals are often extremely innovative and will be able to teach themselves things they need to know, but it's always worth making sure they have the information they need in case you're not there.

Be available

Working in the tech industry can be incredibly busy and your new employees will understand you don't have unlimited time. However, it's important that you're available to them, either in scheduled meetings, answering their messages or checking in on how they are settling in. Making sure you're available at some point to chat to your new employees means they feel important to the business and you can check that everything's going smoothly.

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Written by David Lawrence

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