How to switch off from your working day

By David Lawrence |

Working at an executive level in the technology sector brings some fabulous benefits with it. Not only do you get to inform future strategy, drive success and make a real difference but you also get to manage people too. Of course, this type of role is extremely busy and this can leave you feeling tired at the end of a working day. The current business climate can see wall to wall Zoom meetings for execs and this can often leave you mentally drained when it is time to finish.



Finding ways to switch off from work therefore is key. But what are the best tips for doing this?

Try not to be constantly in work mode
This is a tough one for executives as they are often expected to be available 24/7. While you might encounter this in your own role, try to leave work behind when you finish for the day - unless something really urgent comes up. Resist the urge to keep constantly checking emails on your work phone for example and do not get involved with things that could wait until the next day.

Go for a walk
In fact, heading out for any kind of physical activity post-work is a good tip. This is because it gives you something different to focus on. Whether you are thinking about how far you have walked or how pretty the trees look, the point is that your mind is not focused on your job. Physical activities like walking also release endorphins into your system which help you relax.

This has always been a classic way for executives to relax mentally and destress. To really help, try reading hard copy books as this gives you a break from computer screens. Reading a good book not only takes you into another world but also makes you think about things other than work. As such, it is ideal for chilling out after a tough day.

Still can't switch off? Maybe you need a fresh challenge
If you try the above tips but still have trouble switching off after a busy day, maybe the issue is your job. Some people are unhappy in their current career and in need of a change to relax at the end of a working day.

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David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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