How to stay sane working from home

By David Lawrence |

Working between family or just being isolated on its own can drive you up the wall. Here are 7 tips on how to manage and stay sane at the same time...

1. Designate the workspace

If you're lucky enough to have a home office, treat it just as you would a work office - keep it tidy, use it for work only, avoid distractions whilst in there. If you don't have a specific home office room, designate another suitable area such as a dining table, but make sure at the end of the working day you remove your 'work' from it, keeping keep the work/life separation clear.

2. Get up, get dressed

As tempting as it is to work from home in your scruffs, getting up, having a shower and dressing more 'work-like' will help you get into the right mental space for work. It also gives the working day a clear 'start' point.

3. Equip your office space well

Nothing ruins productivity like an inability to work effectively. If you have a home office, equip it properly - spare printer ink, plenty of paper, pens, good chair etc. Do what you can to make it better. Making sure you have the right technology to work from home can be a game-changer.

4. Upgrade your broadband

If you're working from home, the likelihood is you're going to be online a lot. Make it a better experience by upgrading your broadband to something a little faster - it can make a huge difference. A little technology bump is always nice to have!

5. Contact colleagues/customers regularly

It's easy to forget you actually work with other people if you're working at home in isolation. To help avoid this, stay in some form of regular contact (not too much though - you don't want to distract others!) If you live alone this is especially important for your mental health.

6. Exercise when you can

If your daily step count involves a handful from your bed to your office, try to get some exercise in. Whether that's before or after work it doesn't really matter, but make sure you get some form of exercise. It'll help you both physically and mentally.



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David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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