How to plan a super productive day in just a few mins

By David Lawrence |

When it comes to productivity in the workplace, some of us can find it trickier than others to get motivated, especially when our to-do list is as long as our arm. During your career, you’ll likely become more accustomed to how to successfully manage your time. But, it does come with practice.


To help, we’ve rounded up a few handy tips on how to plan a productive day in a matter of minutes.


Make a list


Lists are wonderful things - They enable us to visualise our workload and effectively plan our priorities.


Starting your day making a list is beneficial and it takes little time. You can use technology, such as an online tool, or just a pen and paper.


Jot everything down you have to do that week, decide what absolutely needs to be done today, and create a ranking system. From 1-3, rank what needs to be done first, and what can wait. Choosing the easiest task tends to build momentum, and helps you get into the swing of things.


Keep in mind that in order to be as productive as possible, our minds work best when focusing on 3 tasks at a time.


Manage your time


Against each task, work out how long it’s going to take. Then, split out your day into hours, and block out the sections for each task. Don’t forget to add some leeway; you're only human.


Managing time can be an art. A top tip is taking a leaf out of a contractors book, compared to permanent roles they can be more effective at planning their time, as they bill by the day.


Think positive


Positive thinking is the key to productivity. When you’re in a negative headspace, it can hinder your performance.


‘I can do this’, ‘I will do this’, ‘I’m going to finish this’, will help drive you as you go about your tasks, and can spur creativity.


Imagining you’re going for an interview sometimes helps, as you always put yourself in a positive headspace for that. Make sure you take time for breaks, too. These are equally as important to keep your mind focused.


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David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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