How to Be A Better Manager Every Day

By David Lawrence |

Nowadays, management isn’t for someone whose only focus is results. Instead, it requires somebody equipped with management skills that enhance employee productivity and job satisfaction.

As a manager, every day you have an opportunity to boost satisfaction and motivation among your team members. Therefore, the small gestures you exhibit can create a lasting impact on your workplace and lead to higher productivity. You can do the following:

Nurture relationships

Old management styles focused less on employees and more on bottom lines. However, the workplace has experienced a phenomenal shift. Managers who didn't take time to nurture relationships with their colleagues will slowly notice an increase in staff turnover.

Create a favourable work environment

Creating a conducive work environment is an essential step for managers striving to better their management skills. Typically, the workplace has diverse members, and there is a likelihood of stress, tension and demotivation occurring. As a manager, you need to nip in the bud any negative habits that could be creeping into your organisation. You should frequently check on your employees and address any concerns that threaten to impede employee performance.

Help your employees trust you

Admittedly, the work of a manager can be quite draining. You have to deal with the concerns from your boss, while also listening to the demands of your employees; it never gets easy. Often, managers are so worried about performance and their career that they focus on solving the boss’s concerns at the expense of employees’ demands. But to be a better manager, you should always be open with your employees. Always take time to follow up on their request and explain to them anything that is pending.

Reward your team members

When we talk of reward, we shouldn’t confine it to some monetary compensation or any tangible benefit. A simple recognition of an employee’s performance or good deed, though intangible, can be hugely motivating. Failure to recognise high performers, in whatever way, can cause them to look for other opportunities

Schedule private one on one meetings

Arranging private one on one sessions with your employees can give you a lot of insights into the welfare of your employees. Also, it gives your employees to vent out any pent up emotions that they may have with the organisation.

It’s highly unlikely for your employees to spill everything during the first meeting, but in subsequent sessions, they’ll keep you updated on everything that is bothering them. With proper bonding, they’ll discuss with you about their career aspirations and issues related to promotions. If you have a contingent workforce, a one on one meeting will help them to share any problems, such as recruitment and remunerations.

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

David is the founder of Vine Resources.


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