How talent teams can help hiring managers with referrals

By David Lawrence |

Recruiting new employees can be a tedious process. It takes time and money to get the right candidates through the door for an interview and even more to make them sign on for a new career.

Employee referrals are an effective but often overlooked recruitment option. Using internal teams to get referrals can be cheaper and faster than traditional recruitment, and can result in both the new candidate and the existing employee staying in their jobs for longer.

However, asking employees to take time from their work to make referrals can feel daunting. We’ve put together a few tips on how to get more internal referrals and recruit better candidates for your workforce.

Encourage referrals from the beginning

If you inspire active participation in the hiring process from the very beginning, employees will feel more comfortable reaching out when they have a referral. This also communicates that your employees’ opinions are valued and can help them feel more connected to the company.

Make it a team effort

Review the referral process and mention any open positions during meetings. If there isn’t enough time in a meeting, host your own referral meetings with food and other incentives that will encourage participation.

Reward people who make referrals

Everybody loves to be recognised for their work, so provide structured or spontaneous incentives for employees who make good referrals. Whether it’s money, time off, gift vouchers, or even just a round of applause at a meeting, small efforts will go a long way in encouraging talent team participation.

Make the process as effortless as possible

A complicated referral process can deter employees from making referrals. Since they’re using their valuable working time to help, simplify the process as much as possible. Use special referral technology, or simply ask for emails with the candidate's name and link to his or her LinkedIn profile.

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David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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