Great leadership - it's who you are, not what you do - LinkedIn LIVE

By David Lawrence |

Great leaders - born or made?

There is no doubt great leaders rise to the top in times of crisis - but how are they defined and what makes them different? Are they born or can you learn to be a great leader?

Check out our video of the LinkedIn LIVE event where we talked with author and renowned industry expert Tim Spiker about the traits of great leaders and look at ways to become one.


The areas Tim covered included:

  • Exploring the meaning of being 'inwardly sound and others focused'
  • How trust builds engagement which in turn builds performance
  • Why 77% of a leader's effectiveness is misunderstood
  • How values are becoming more important for leading teams


Time stamps:

02:45 - Being inwardly sound and others focused

10:10 - How to be consistently outwardly focused

17:10 - How can senior leaders make time for their employees

23:10 - Exercise - 'the trust email' (trust, engagement and performance)

30:42 - Why 77% of leaders are misunderstood

42:57 - Offer - 1 hour free consultancy (see below)

44:30 - End

Free offer!

If you attended the session, you will have heard Tim generously offer an hours free consultancy for viewers of the Vine LinkedIn event -  he can be contacted at - quote offer 'VINE01'.

We hope you enjoy the session - for details of our next LinkedIn LIVE and our blogs and podcasts featuring business interviews, trends and topics - be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter! 

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

David is the founder of Vine Resources.


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