First time manager? Here's how to delegate

By David Lawrence |

Managing people for the first time can feel a little daunting. With a myriad of elements to balance carefully - budgets, recruitment, timescales, and deadlines - putting the time in to delegate responsibilities carefully can seem like one step too far. However, this concise guide may support you when taking those first steps into the management world.

The plan

Your project plan is a vital part of task delegation. Whatever the scope and scale of your project, having a solid overview plan will help your team to see the direction of the project in manageable chunks that suit their expertise. Build the plan collaboratively, with tasks, deadlines, and process maps for every stage of the project.

Input from your team

Most humans don't like being told what to do, which makes delegation an art. Ensuring that your team are included in the creation of the project plans will undoubtedly help you to delegate tasks, as it will seem more conversational for staff rather than hierarchical. They will feel valued and listened to, and it will help you in return as you'll have all the right people in the room to make informed decisions about budgets and timescales.

Project management tools

Using a project management tool will enable you to gather updates without micro-managing staff. After conversations with your team, add agreed names and deadlines to tasks, and allow team members to update their task status, log time, and mark tasks as complete. This helps your staff feel that they are trusted to complete their roles, but they also know that you can monitor the project progress, which will push them to strive to achieve deadlines. Check out:

Celebrate achievements

Noticing and rewarding excellence is very powerful. That warm glow of childhood praise never leaves us through adulthood, so congratulating staff for achievements will have a very positive effect on morale, and will help people to feel empowered working under your management.

Delegation does have peaks and troughs, but the key here is in treating staff as people. If people feel valued and trusted in the workplace, productivity and progress always flourish as a result.

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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