5 coffee shops in Manhattan for an informal interview with free WiFi

By David Lawrence |

Interviews can be stressful occasions, both for interviewees and interviewers alike. However, much of this is down to the situation; smart suits, impersonal meeting rooms and somewhat invasive questions are hardly anyone's idea of fun.

With more and more companies utilising freelance and remote workers, and given that organisations are becoming less formal as the years go by, it makes sense that interview situations should also follow suit.

So, with that in mind, where are the five best places in Manhattan to host an informal interview with free WiFi?

1. Paper Coffee []

Paper is widely regarded as one of the best independent coffee shops in all of New York. As well as having fantastic coffee and a wide selection of snacks, cakes and sandwiches, there are a number of incredibly plush sofas, and the walls are dotted with plants and various pieces of interesting art.

What's more, the company makes a point of treating its staff well. It praises them regularly via the company's social media accounts, and offers incentives should they perform particularly well. This means that you'll always be surrounded by friendly employees looking to go above and beyond.

2. Ground Central []

Ground Central is one of those coffee shops that doesn't look like much from the outside but is a complete gem once you're through the door. The decor has been designed to encourage relaxation - from the dark wooden walls to the piles of books that are dotted throughout the interior - this is a perfect place for work, reading or meeting with friends.

3. Perk Kafe []

This cafe is the absolute definition of the word 'cute'. The coffee is sublime and it is a haven for remote workers, but the true attractive quality is its interior, which is light, airy and bright. However, given the popularity of the store, it can get quite crowded, so it's best to arrive early if you plan on interviewing here.

4. Cafè Blèriot XI []

Tucked away beside a raft of bigger and more flamboyant shopfronts, you could easily walk by this little gem day after day and never notice its existence. However, once you've spotted it, you will return time and time again. The coffee is exceptional - it has been given a 5* rating on Yelp - and is run by two very friendly and amiable people, who will make every visit enjoyable.

5. Frisson Espresso

It can be difficult to find good coffee in Hell's Kitchen, but Frisson goes against the grain in that regard. The music can be somewhat eclectic but it is never overbearing, and the decor is incredibly relaxing and chilled. Also, the food is incredible, so if you want to add a pastry or sandwich to the interview, go ahead!

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

David is the founder of Vine Resources.


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