Cloud services in the broadcast sector

By David Lawrence |

The broadcast industry is adapting to modern streaming solutions which means cloud technologies are becoming increasingly relevant for quick and efficient online services.

Here are 5 takeaways about cloud services to stop your business from succumbing to the challenges currently faced by traditional consumption broadcasters.



1. Cloud technology will allow for better workflow management
The media industry has always got by with hardware-based installations that are unadaptable for such a fast-paced sector. Cloud technology is paving the way for agile operational systems and streamlined workflow management systems for broadcasting companies.

This, in turn, will result in better project management and greater productivity through automated services.

2. High-definition footage will become the norm
Old systems require on-hand footage to be entered into hardware systems and distributed immediately to keep broadcasted information relevant and on schedule.

Nevertheless, cloud technology will allow broadcasters to attain footage from unlimited sources – encoders, drones, cameras, you name it. Real-time footage is needed to report and disperse information as and when it happens, and cloud services facilitate this.

3. Cloud services will allow for mass distribution
In this modern climate, audiences are faced with more and more choices in regard to media options. Where will they view content? Will they stream content live or after the fact?

Cloud services allow you to overcome audience fragmentation as they allow broadcast industries to stream content on multiple platforms all at once. Cloud technology routes and curates content for seamless, mass distribution.

4. Staff are the key to cloud technology success
Cloud technology is ever-growing and requires a contingent workforce to unlock its true potential. There is no point in installing new technological advancements with staff that can’t navigate its capabilities.

In some instances, specialist tech recruitment could be beneficial to train employees and facilitate large-scale change.

5. Security is key for broadcast industries
The broadcast industry must protect its content at all costs to ensure privacy guidelines and media distribution are compliant.

As companies move to increasingly online servers, new security measures need to be implemented.


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