Nick Fraser

Nick has vast experience in creating and developing strong and reliable relationships. Recently relocated from Manchester to London Nick is delighted to jump into the fast and evergrowing world of recruitment. Focusing on Broadcast Media IT sectors Nick helps to secure the best assignments for Project Managers and Business Analysts in the Broadcast Industry. Nick has the drive and key skills to be the ‘’go-to guy’’ in this field and is continually looking to grow his client and candidate portfolio. Want to get in touch? give us a call and meet Nick for a coffee to find out how he can help you. Did you know? Nick had a small part in Hollyoaks as well as a part in BBC drama The Street. That was his extremely short acting career but watch this space at Vine Resources on our social channels!

Recent Posts

Should we be worried about too much easily accessible content?

By Nick Fraser

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13 November 2018

E-sports and the evolution of live broadcast gaming

By Nick Fraser

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23 October 2018

The Biggest News in Broadcast Media Tech for 2018

By Nick Fraser

Technology is always evolving at an unstoppable rate, with developments and innovations seemingly springing up every other week. If a Victorian...

09 October 2018

VOD/OTT - who’s doing what?

By Nick Fraser

The online video-streaming market has boomed in recent years. With the advent of exciting new ‘video-on-demand' platforms such as Netflix and...

05 August 2018