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Why companies should be employing CDOs

By David Lawrence

A Chief Data Office (CDO) is typically a C-level board member that reports to the CEO, CTO and COO of an organisation, specialising in how the...

22 January 2019

What does the toilet/bathroom tell you about your company?

By David Lawrence

It's time to talk about toilets or bathroom for our North American readers. No, I haven't gone round the u-bend, this is a serious article (well,...

10 January 2019

King's Day in the Netherlands: don't miss these five things!

By David Lawrence

King’s Day, the Netherlands' biggest- and most orange- holiday. Whether you’re just visiting or one of many permanent contractors in the Low...

06 January 2019

How to be confident for your next presentation

By David Lawrence

During the recruitment process, through interviews, and at each stage of your career, presentations are likely to be things that either fill you...

01 January 2019

5 employee engagement apps for your growing company

By David Lawrence

Employee engagement is key to keeping your team happier and therefore more productive in the office, and technology is a great help. If your...

18 December 2018

8 application tracking systems to consider for growing companies

By David Lawrence

  Recruiting and hiring talent can be tedious at times, especially if you have to do everything manually. However, thanks to technology, you don’t...

09 December 2018

Top 10 budget hotels to stay when working on business in Stockholm

By David Lawrence

Stockholm is not exactly known for being a cheap city to experience so saving on hotels is key, especially if you are travelling for work. Here...

20 November 2018

10 of the best coffee shops for interviews in London

By David Lawrence

Are you in need of a good, quiet coffee shop in London for an informal first meeting with a candidate? Here's a list of 10 of the best London...

16 October 2018

There is no magic wand to find candidates

By David Lawrence


05 October 2018

How we hire recruiters at Vine Resources

By David Lawrence

Hiring recruiters is never easy and of course finding the right company for you can be just as difficult. We spent a lot of time looking at our...

25 September 2018