A mindful approach to dealing with work isolation

By David Lawrence |

In this blog, we look at how taking a mindful approach can help you in dealing with work isolation. This advice applies to everyone, from those struggling with a temporary set-up – working from home due to the covid-19 pandemic – to others working independently from home in the long-term.

Be aware of your mental state

The essence of mindfulness is being self-aware and keeping abreast of your own moods, emotions and overall mental state. For some, this comes naturally but for others, it takes a little practice. It’s important to just step back from what you’re doing every now and then – walk away from your desk and clear your head, even if only for ten minutes.

Take a break from technology

Make sure you turn off the technology! Apparently innocuous background noise from that music app, TV news update, or the radio can stop you from properly connecting with yourself. Steer clear of the temptation, too, to check social media on your break, even if it’s related to your career.

When you take a break, ask yourself how you’re feeling and try to articulate exactly what’s going through your head. If you’re feeling settled and calm, that’s great. If you’re experiencing frequent, strong, negative emotions, work on identifying the exact source of these so that you localise your concerns and can arrive at a constructive action.

Use nature to your advantage

Spending time in and amongst nature is another important way of dealing with the sense of isolation that can often arise when working completely independently. If you have a garden then just five minutes spent sitting, tuning in to the birdsong and the pace of the natural environment will let you reset your mind and mood.

Alternatively, the nearest park or green space can fulfil this same function. Granted, it may not be on your doorstep and work demands may leave you little spare time. However, taking that time to get there and unwind is a better investment than you might realise.

In any line of business, it’s important to remember that just because something isn’t easily quantifiable, this doesn’t mean it isn’t profitable.

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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