A day in the life of a data scientist

By Aaron Heera |

Did you look at a website today? Check Facebook? Text a friend? Many of the small things we do each day generate data – a staggering 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, in fact. For many businesses, this data represents a chance to get to know potential customers. But to capture and make use of this data, companies need to employ a data scientist.

The increasing demand for data scientists represents brilliant career potential, however many potential data scientists are not sure exactly what the role may involve. To help you decide whether data science could be the ideal career for you, we have put together the following guide to a day in the life of a data scientist.

Working with data each day

A data scientist specialises in all aspects of statistics, data science and Big Data, so it is no surprise that much of the day involves data. There are many tasks that will need to be performed each day including pulling data, analysing data, developing algorithms and writing up reports. Primarily, a data scientist is employed to identify and solve problems through the use of data.

Communicating with a variety of people

As companies begin to use data in every aspect of their decision making, a vast part of the role involves communicating findings. This means a data scientist needs to have a deep understanding of the business's overall strategy. On a daily basis, there will be emails, phone calls and meetings which require the data scientist to explain data in a way which the whole team can understand.

Maintaining up-to-date knowledge

Technology and data science is advancing rapidly, so a portion of every day will involve keeping up with changes implicating data science. Every day, data scientists will find new ways to solve problems and analyse data and much of this information is shared within industry related blogs, newsletters and conferences.

Starting a career as a data scientist

Around 90% of data scientists will hold degrees or graduate certificates, although shorter self-guided learning courses are also available for those not intent on achieving an academic qualification.


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Aaron Heera

Written by Aaron Heera

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