8 application tracking systems to consider for growing companies

By David Lawrence |


Recruiting and hiring talent can be tedious at times, especially if you have to do everything manually. However, thanks to technology, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of your time and effort trying to find good employees in the job market. Here are eight application tracking systems you can use to expand your team.


Workable (


Workable is an approved partner of Facebook’s FbStarter program. It allows recruiters to communicate, share notes, as well as manage the recruitment process.


Homerun (


This software enables recruiting teams to manage various recruitment functions. It also allows users to skip spreadsheets and emails, and decide who they should hire.


With Homerun, you can evaluate prospective employees and leave comments during the recruitment process.


Greenhouse (


Greenhouse offers a competitive edge to small and medium-sized companies that are still trying to position themselves in the market. It optimises the hiring process and streamlines data migration.


You can use this program to post and approve jobs, receive applications, manage prospective employees, and create detailed profiles for every candidate.


SmartRecruiters (


If you’re looking for a hassle-free application tracking system, you may want to try out SmartRecruiters. This tool has transformed the hiring process into an enjoyable, custom experience. It enables HR managers to make informed decisions and focus on applicants.


It’s easy to replace your old application tracking system with SmartRecruiters because you don’t need any coding experience.


Jibe (


Jibe is a unique application tracking system that generates SEO-friendly pages. It offers great design, email capture, and a seamless mobile experience to help you attract the right candidates.


Jobvite (


Trusted by customers like Gamesys, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Jobvite offers a simple tool that manages every aspect of the recruitment process. The application allows recruiters to look through the job market and find candidates who meet their expectations.


This award-winning recruiting platform offers tracking options that HR managers can use to monitor applicants as they move through the recruitment process.


JazzHR (


JazzHR is a suitable hiring tool for non-professionals. It optimises recruiting functions based on the specifications of your business, allowing you to use custom workflows during the employee recruitment process.


The system will help you post job vacancies on social media platforms and job boards at the touch of a button.


BambooHR (


Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, BambooHR is an accurate recruitment assistant that makes hiring and new-hire transitioning smoother. This compact workforce management system also enables employers to offer attractive positions to prospective employees.


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