6 traits of a good PMO Manager

By David Lawrence |

For any tech or IT based organisation, the PMO is a core department within it that plays a key role. From ones that ensure excellent standards are upheld in a business, to ones that look after projects on an individual or enterprise level, PMOs help to drive many tech businesses along.

Of course, any good PMO needs an effective manager to ensure it works as intended and achieves what it has been set up to do. Here are the 6 traits that you should possess as a PMO manager for you to succeed.


Perhaps the most important skill any good PMO manager needs is clear communication. Without being able to communicate with staff, high-level management and clients effectively, you will be unable to get your ideas across or explain to staff what you need them to do.

Management of projects

The majority of PMO work will be around specific projects - this means that any PMO manager must be able to manage projects well. You need to understand what this involves, what challenges may come up and how to deal with them properly.

People management

It is not just projects that PMO managers need to look after. A big part of this role is dealing with people after people, and so people skills are essential. Being able to provide the support staff need while also maintaining discipline is essential to managing any busy office.

Ability to work as part of the whole business

One really important trait is the ability to see how the PMO fits in with the whole organisation. This requires a PMO manager to be able to work at a detailed project level but also then translate what they do into a broader picture for higher level management figures.

Superb vision

To make an awesome PMO manager in any tech-based company, you need to have vision and creativity. PMO managers should never be satisfied with the status quo or old ways of doing things. This means that you need to have great vision as the manager to see where a project may head to next or how the PMO could be used to drive the whole business forward.

Organisational skills

Tech and IT companies are often busy places with many different projects going on at once. This means that you will need superb organisational skills to succeed. With different projects at different stages of completion to keep an eye on, as well as staff resources, this is something that will help you greatly.

So, there you have it - the 6 traits that all good PMO managers need. If you are looking for your next role at this level or feel the time is right to bag a PMO manager's role, give Vine Resources a call today. Our expert team will be able to help you find the perfect job to fit the next stage in your career.

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David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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