5 ways to rescue a failing project - your LinkedIn LIVE recording

By David Lawrence |

Have you inherited a project that is failing? Are you seeing signs that your own project might be in difficulties? 

We were joined by project management expert Elizabeth Harrin (FAPM) in our LinkedIn LIVE event ‘5 ways to rescue a failing project - whist retaining your sanity!'

Full of real-world, practical advice, Elizabeth included 5 actionable tips to turn a project around - perfect for those of us who don’t live in a textbook world!

We are delighted to include a copy of the recording below:


Elizabeth covered a range of topics, that have been time stamped for your convenience:

01:04 - Introduction

03:10 - Why so many projects fail

06:13 - How to spot the weakest links

10:06 - Managing expectations

12:49 - Techniques for managing people on a struggling project

15:48 - How to manage unrealistic schedules

17:24 - Managing leadership and stakeholders

18:54 - Building project team relationships

20:35 - 5 actionable steps for recovery

32:18 - When to stop a project

37:09 - Close


Elizabeth is the author of many books on project management (search 'Elizabeth Harrin' on Amazon), the book she mentioned in the session, 'Engaging stakeholders on projects : How to harness people power', is available at:


She also organises a comprehensive range of training content, for details visit:


Elizabeth is happy to talk about all things project management and can be contacted at:


We hope you enjoyed the session - for details of our next LinkedIn LIVE and our blogs and podcasts featuring valuable business insights - be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter! 

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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