5 tools to be more efficient with your email inbox

By David Lawrence |

Technology can be a great way to help you sift through your inbox, especially when you are busy. Having an organised inbox is important whether you use email to organise contractors, a contingent workforce, or just to make sure you don’t miss the response from your latest interview. Here are 5 tools to make your inbox efficient:


Evernote is a multi-use tool that will streamline your inbox. It combines email and reminders as well as letting you collect ideas whilst on the go. Too busy to respond to that email right away? Evernote can create an ‘email reminders’ folder, so you don’t miss anything important later.


Sanebox is a program which runs alongside your email. It automatically sifts your messages, only showing important ones. The rest get moved to a separate folder, the contents of which can be sent to you at the end of the day. Sanebox ‘learns’ which emails are important by noting the way you rate emails as you receive them, giving you a clever and tailored email system.


Mailstrom is for the more picky email user. Similar to Sanebox, it sifts emails according to what you think is important. However, if you don’t like the idea of some emails automatically being moved, then you might prefer Mailstrom. Instead of a separate folder, Mailstrom raises (or lowers) the visibility of emails according to your priorities.


‘If This Then That’ is a simple but sophisticated free website that can be used to automate your email inbox. This tool sets up actions (or ‘recipes’) that can automate anything from social media to iTunes. Use it to set up filters and actions that will quickly and automatically organise your email inbox.

Email Game

Keeping on top of email can become a drag, so why not try a new tack? Email Game adds a ticking clock to your daily email chores, and once you finish and hit ‘game over’, this tool gives you a score based on your speed, deleted messages and emails you skipped. Email Game puts some fun back into email.

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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